Here are some of my most recent reviews…..

“I tried several people until I found Charlotte and she is 100% THE best in Milton Keynes. I’m a massage snob, especially when it comes to sports massages as I used to go to a guy in London who was part of the Olympic massage committee. I’m a personal trainer and I recommend all my clients to Charlotte so if she wasn’t the best, it wouldn’t reflect well on me. Truly a brilliant Therapist!”

PT Lee

“I’ve been suffering with lower back pain for over 15 years now, and having seen the same amount of therapists, I was beginning to lose all hope of being pain free. Then approximately 6 months ago I was introduced to Charlotte @ Bodysense Therapy, and i can honestly say that after 5 sessions I have experienced some dramatic results. The freedom of movement and comfort from pain following post physical activities has made me so much happier, and although the treatments continue, I can see progression and a light at the end of the tunnel.”

R Cary

“I highly recommend using Charlotte, I was introduced to her over a year ago now, I was getting ready to compete, and my body was aching from all my hard training, i used her twice a week to help me prepare and keep my body healthy. I highly recommended her to everyone looking to get some Therapy.”

Linton ‘The Swarm’ Vassell

“Charlotte is a fantastic therapist. After competing in a number of Ironman triathlons in the last 2 years she has always been my first port of call with any niggles during training and after events. Would definitely recommend!”

N Valentine

“Charlotte is professional and very knowledgeable – my treatment was thorough and she also talked me through the various muscle groups that could have been causing my shoulder pain, highly recommended”

S Houghton

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The combination of remedial and deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and neuromuscular techniques during treatment, combined with advice on remedial exercises will be used to personalise a rehabilitation programme to meet specific needs of the patient.

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